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Get Fit Fighting with

Georges St-Pierre

UFC World Champion, Georges and his trainers bring you the best fitness and technical martial arts programs to challenge your body & mind.

Whether you fight or not, this is a sure-fire route to GET FIT and learn MMA with GSP.

“There is a difference between a fighter and a martial artist. A fighter is training for a purpose. He has a fight. I'm a martial artist. I don't train for a fight; I train for myself. My goal is perfection, but I will never reach perfection. Never stop reaching your goal.”

Georges St-Pierre

RushfitTM 2

Lift your technique and fighting skills to championship level

Building on the fitness workouts in Rushfit™

Try 4 weeks of fundamentals and then push yourself to achieve new limits in the 4-week pro phase

8 week training plan (over 5 hours of content)

Mixed ability levels


Get lean and strong

The sell-out fitness phenomenon now available online

Separate workouts cover strength, endurance, power, balance and core conditioning

10 week training plan (over 6 hours of content)

Mixed ability levels


Elevate your fitness and kickboxing skills

Every workout features 3 x 12 minute rounds, each consisting of kickboxing, ringcraft and floorwork

12 week training plan (over 10 hours of content)

Mixed ability levels

Bonus Sessions

To help take your MMA journey to the next level, you can also get access to 4 BONUS sessions that will provide self-defense tactics, grappling tips, partner drills and core strength to genuinely accelerate your technique and gains.

Session 1:

Self Defense

Session 2:


Session 3:

Core Strength

Session 4:

Partner Drills

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