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This unique program gives you the opportunity to workout with UFC Hall of Fame legend, Georges St-Pierre, as he is put through his paces by his trainer. The title comes from his nickname, Rush, but it also perfectly describes the high intensity workouts that will challenge you but more importantly, will change you.

How it works

This 10-week plan mirrors the training camp model of elite fighters, building a foundation and then incrementally increasing workload to develop both a warrior body and a warrior mindset. Starting with 3 workouts per week, sessions will increase in number and intensity every 2 weeks so that by the end you'll be smashing 5 full-on workouts, guaranteeing you hit your fitness goals.

Highly effective training

Trainer Erik Owings uses highly effective work-to-rest time periods, combining functional fitness exercises with combat movement patterns to improve your energy, enhance mobility, build strength, and burn fat. His style is direct and to the point, creating a no-nonsense approach that will help you to develop a serious attitude, ensuring you get the best out of each workout and therefore achieve the results you strive for. However, as a skilled fitness professional he knows it's not possible to go 'eyeballs out' the whole time so he teaches modifications of many exercises for those who might be struggling.

Take you to the next level

This type of workout is referred to as metabolic conditioning and is proven to improve both health-related and skill-related parameters of fitness, but to achieve all that, no sugar-coating, it's tough. Fortunately, you have in your corner possibly the greatest martial artist who has ever lived, as Georges offers technique tips, motivation, and words of wisdom to get you to the final round and ensure you end feeling truly fighting fit!


Check the space in which you intend to exercise is free from obstruction, there are no slip and trip hazards, the temperature is suitable and there is enough room to accommodate the movements you'll be performing.

Whilst Georges and his colleague's workout barefoot, please be aware they are experienced and have built up the strength in the muscles in and around their feet to achieve this. Therefore, we recommend you wear appropriate activity apparel and footwear, particularly cushioned, flexible, and supportive training shoes.

Program info


Mixed ability level: Blending combat and conditioning drills, these sessions will enable the non-fighters to improve fitness at the same time as learning the basics of martial arts, and provide an avenue for fighters to refine their knowledge and technique whilst ramping up their strength, speed and stamina.


Stream these sessions in your private members area on any desktop/mobile device.


Every workout eases you in with a warm-up and brings you back to planet earth with a yoga-based cool-down/stretch. Many of the workouts have been cleverly designed to make the most of using just your bodyweight for resistance, but to ensure maximum strength gains, some exercises use dumbbells so ideally you need 2 sets, 1 light and 1 moderately heavy, in the range of 3kgs/5lbs to 12.5kgs/25lbs, according to your own capabilities. Over 6 hours of content.

8 Sessions Available


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