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Bonus Sessions

To help take your MMA journey to the next level, you can also get access to 4 BONUS sessions that will provide self-defense tactics, grappling tips, partner drills and core strength to genuinely accelerate your technique and gains.

Bonus 1: Self Defense

Duration: 11 min

It's a sad fact of life in the 21st century that knowing how to physically protect yourself and loved ones is a useful skill to possess. This session will teach you how to adapt many octagon techniques to a street situation, ensuring you can handle danger and live to fight another day.


Bonus 2: Grappling

Duration: 16 min

To become a complete fighter, you need a solid set of ground skills, but grappling is complex and so can be difficult to learn as you need to use your whole body and often your limbs are pushing, pulling, and twisting, all at the same time. This unique session teaches escapes and submissions and then creatively links them together in flowing drills that are fun to practice and highly effective.


Bonus 3: Core Strength

Duration: 22 min

Powerful punches and kicks are not generated by the arms and legs alone, the key components are the deeper muscles in the torso that stabilize the spine, pelvis and shoulder girdle, enabling you to transfer power into your upper and lower limbs. A developed core enables you to rotate hips and shoulders at speed when attacking and also gives you anti-rotational strength that is important for defending yourself on the floor.


Bonus 4: Partner Drills

Duration: 19 min

As the saying goes, drills build skills and that's the guarantee here as you work through a range of techniques and Dutch style combinations with a partner to add realism to your workout. This is a great way to master offence and defense while simultaneously improving control, accuracy, and fluidity.


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