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Great fighters can't have a chink in their armour, they need to be complete in both attack and defense, prepared both physically and mentally, capable of being both cautious and spontaneous. These are the sort of qualities that stand mixed martial arts legend, Georges St Pierre, apart from his contemporaries. Now you have the chance to walk in his footsteps, developing these attributes, through this truly groundbreaking program.

How it works

This is a 12-week training camp, made up of 3 progressively challenging stages, each comprising 4 different workouts that you'll perform once per week. The secret sauce is in the design of these workouts, each one focusing on the different skills required to help you win in the cage, on the sports field, in the workplace, or even at playing this crazy game called life.

Highly effective training

Architects always start with the foundations so it's no surprise this program works from the bottom up, deconstructing all the moving, inter-related parts that add up to make a fearsome combat athlete and improving each one in isolation.

The good news is that by going back to basics, the workouts are accessible and of benefit to both experienced martial artists and regular fitsters alike. Commit to these workouts and anyone can be a title winner.

Take you to the next level

Your route to finding your fight and becoming the best version of you is via workouts of 3 rounds, each 12 minutes in duration, made up of 5 minutes of kickboxing combinations, 3 minutes of agility drills, 3 minutes of floor work and a final 'all out' minute that'll take you beyond what you thought were your limits!

Push your limits

Georges is assisted by international fitness expert Pierre Pozzutto, who cleverly uses a layering approach to each section of the workout, so it starts easy, then builds, ensuring you can master all the moves and achieve maximum gains, every single time you throw down.

In addition, his carefully curated warm-ups and yoga-based cool-downs help you to stay injury free and in the fight until the final round.

Program info


Mixed ability level: Blending combat and conditioning drills, these sessions will enable the non-fighters to improve fitness at the same time as learning the basics of martial arts, and also provide an avenue for fighters to refine their knowledge and technique whilst ramping up their strength, speed and stamina.


Stream these sessions in your private members area on any desktop/mobile device.


Every workout eases you in with a warm-up and brings you back to planet earth with a yoga based cool-down/stretch. Strike includes 3 steps to help you achieve guaranteed results. Strike 1 - firing up your energy systems and opening your body's movement potential. Strike 2 - developing cardio endurance and improving strength. Strike 3 - mastering technique execution and developing a never say die mindset. No equipment necessary. Over 10 hours of content.

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